LOL… wut.

August 9, 2009 at 10:48 pm 1 comment

I was all ready to come here and post about today’s finals — I even had the pic ready. I watched both Delpo‘s and Flavia‘s, so I was prepared to make some insightful comment about the tennis and how it was hilarious to see Delpo going all “wheee” to Roddick’s face. I mean, it’s not the dude’s fault. Roddick challenged the championship point winner and went to the net. When the call remained, they were facing each other. Delpo celebrated. It made me laugh. I was also going to talk about how Sam is an idiot, really. But I’ll skip that and congratulate Flavia. But before I came here to post, I took a quick look at my feeds and realized that there are other absurd, ridiculous stuff happening on the sport that are more worth mentioning than those stuff.

Such as, when Tennis Forum comes up with cracktastic threads like Lesbians Are The Biggest Chokers On Tour. LOL wut. Examples? Momo, Kuz, Sharapova. Since we’re at it, didn’t Sam lose a match against Serena this year in Australia having match points? Or was it last year? Whatever, it happened. And does this means maybe Kiri is a lesbian? Or Lena? I don’t think that theory makes sense.

And onto more stuff that makes me “LOLWUT”, why oh why is Rafa playing doubles in Montréal with his 40-year-old coach? Am I the only one that finds that disrespectful to the tournament and to the other players? I love the boy to death but this might be taking the whole “tournament as practice” a little too far. There were probably other players, maybe even doubles specialists, that wanted in. But again, the organizers probably don’t care. They just want to sell tickets… even if it’s tickets for a fancy practice session.

Amusing pissed!Federer for some more “LOL… WHAT”.


And when Rafa does it, it’s ~*magic*~:



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This might as well become a pictures blog OMFG WE MOVED.

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  • 1. daniel faraday  |  August 9, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    A+ federer gif

    a classic


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