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This might as well become a pictures blog

Sorana Banana took out Aga Radwanska today with a 7-6(4) 1-6 7-5. Not even taking in consideration Banana is unseeded, she won one game total in her last two matches against Aga combined. One. So, yes, I’d call that result an upset. Aga was serving for the match at 5-4, while Sorana was crying with her head down as Adidas coach Sven calmed her down. I was already in a midst of screaming “YES!!!! AGA!!!!” and “Poor Sori :(” when shebroke Aga’s serve. Caro was watching the tight match from the sidelines, looking as cute as ever — nervously biting her fingernails. Oy. Now this makes eight quarterfinals so far this year for Aga. Eight quarterfinals and no semis. I’d say someone has a problem.

Her opponents reactions regarding her recent wins, you ask?105Not so good, no.

What about Sorana?103Happy times.

Oh Sorana, you think you can come here and sway me with your smile only?




Fine, gurl. Good luck in the semis. I’ll be cheering for you. Idk why the players think they can make me forget the WOES they bring me so fast.


No, Vika, I will not forget all the FAIL that was losing second round to an off-form Sharapova.


FINE, FINE. Kick ass in Cincy then, will you?


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The Danish Cutie update

As Vika and Sharapova battle out on LA, I post here. Why? Because there’s no frakkin’ stream. WOES doesn’t quite cover it. So, instead, I’m going to do a ¡CARO UPDATE! post. I don’t know if it’s because I’m truly biased and love the kid to death or because she really brings the lolz.

The following are pictures of Caro on the evening of her 19th birthday. After losing the Båstad final, she went to Copenhagen to celebrate, truly in style, at a Britney Spears concert.


According to the source, not only was there, but also the Radwanskas (link to pic of Happy!Caro hugging Happy!Aga). Rest of the pictures are here.

Can I just comment on Caro’s purse for a a second here? That’s either fake or the ugliest piece of clothing Karl Lagerfeld has ever designed. Seriously, what is that? It always baffles me how people with much money can dress so poorly. I will present someone with a cookie if they can find the collection that monstrosity belongs to. And if Caro wanted some over the top Chanel bag, this is what she should have bought. SILLY GIRL. Where’s Vika to teach you these things?

But you know, whatever whatever. At least bitch is wurkin’ her purple nail polish. Onto the rest of the “LOL Caro, what ya doin’?”:


Caro practicing in LA. Clothes are so obviously overrated. And last, but not least, Caro meets David Beckham.

P.S. Vika, YOU IDIOT. I don’t need to watch the match to know you played like a moron. The number of Sharapova’s double faults already tells me that.

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I’ll just change the blog’s name to the “Official Caro Fangirling Blog” or something

From Danish Cutie‘s blog:

“(…) so afterwards I barely had enough time to change and do my hair before I went to a Britney Spears concert to celebrate. 23 of my friends went to the concert with me so it was a lot of fun, and afterwards we went out in until almost 6:00 a.m. the next morning.”

As a Britney fan (and not even a tiny bit ashamed to admit it), this sounds like a perfect birthday. Copenhagen, Britbrit concert, 23 friends. Awesome. Plus, sources says The Rads were there. Who wouldn’t love to celebrate their birthday with the most hilarious sisters on a good pop concert? I know I would.


But… out until 6 am and you’ve never been drunk? Please, Caro, lie some more. 😉

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Cuteness will save the world


Danish Cutie took today the Eastbourne title defeating Virginie Razzano 7-6 (7-5) 7-5 in the final. Ignore the fact she choked a 5-2 lead in the first and then 6-1 in the tiebreak. She still won. I still squee’d. I’m such a sucker for big throphies (and champagne, since we’re at it). Yayz.


The LOL of the match was provided by Razzano forgetting Caro’s name during the ceremony.

– At least it wasn’t in bed.

– Thats what she said!

Ha-ha… ha. I realize my sense of humor is ridiculous unfunny.

Well, anyway. I’ll post this cute quote of Caro from this article via Tennishead.

“They (Eastbourne) have the best ice cream shop right around the corner. They have those cups where they mix them and they have one called Casablanca – chocolate, vanilla and caramel. If I win I treat myself to one. Me, Agnieszka and Urszula Radwanska, we’ve been at the parlour a few times. We make bets with each other and the one who wins gets a free ice cream! We bet about how long it takes to walk from the hotel to the courts!”

At this point, I love the 89/90 generation just like I used to love the 81/82 Russian generation. They’re adorable and when they win, they make happy.

Bonus: A picture from Wimbledon’s twitter of Sharapova playing American Football outside CC. I thought that was a cute.

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Written on Friday, posted today

At the moment I’m in my flight to London with over four hours remaining before we land. As I talked (typed) to myself (yes, I’m this crazy) I decided I should post here and tell you guys about Roland Garros, etc.

I’ll arrive in Paris on Monday the 25th and will be at the stadium at about 2 pm. If there’s wi-fi there, I’ll be doing in-site tweeting. You can follow me @awaltzforanight or simply take a look at the sidebar here every once and a while. I warn that it might be incoherent rambling such as “OMGGGG VIKA AND CARO ARE BEING GIGGLY TOGETHER HEE OMG”. Yes, I’m a proud fangirl. No, I’m not going to be serious unless I’m getting paid (read the blog’s About section). For RG related news, I also recommend the very serious twitter @Roland_Garros.

On Monday, I only have tickets to the external courts, so I’ll try to watch some practice sessions, wave my Brazilian and/or Russian flags at random matches and try to catch some Kiri or any cute choker. Hellz yeah.

I have tickets for all days until Sunday. They’re mostly Chatrier or Lenglen tickets. I’ll be praying to the Lords of Kobol to watch Lena live. Please, tennis Santa, please, I’ve been a nice girl and you already fucked me over with her draw (WHY LENA-CARO AGAIN WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYY).

When there, I want to chat and take a picture with the biggest rockstar in tennis: Mommy Vera Dementieva. And given the opportunity, ask Sharapova why she broke up with Camilla Belle. Gurl, Camilla is dreamy, what’s wrong with you?

If you can’t tell by the excessive capslock (no, come on, I’m not always like that!), I’m really excited for this. I’ve never been to Roland Garros to watch a match, I’ve only visited the stadium and the tenniseum (oh why so pretty) days before the EPIC Failed Cup (at time ‘Fed Cup’) final between Russia and France. With Nastya choking up closing the tie and Dinara and Lena winning the last rubber in the last set. If it was EPIC from my TV, imagine how EPIC it was live… there. When I go to cheer for Russia live, they lose to fucking Argentina. No comments, Russia, NO COMMENTS. I would break up with you if I could.

Well, folks, I have no further things to say from the plane. All I hope is to land soon and post this whenever I get internet.

P.S. Who did Sharapova have to sleep with to get that draw (anyone that answers “Rafa” will be hit with a rock over their head)? And why didn’t Ula sleep with the same person? Idiot!

May 23, 2009 at 2:21 pm 2 comments

Clothes: who needs them?

ft19Okay, I do admit that my initial reaction when seeing the second picture was something along the lines of “*snerks*”. But seriously, how high can a top go? It’s good though, I do believe Caro isn’t right now the (main) focus of (most) pervy guys, so yeah, it’s good. But still, everyone should keep in mind that Caro’s nickname is “Danish Cutie” — this means she’s someone that you want to hug and squish, not ogle. And oh yeah, she’s barely legal. (She does look dreamy in blue though.)

In case everyone wants to look at something very very sexy, watch this video of Rafa warming up. (I do realize I should have posted some sexy video of a woman to equal things but, like, Rafa is infinite times hotter than anyone so don’t blame me.) Seriously,  LEGS, HANDS, UNFFF.

Polish qtness fyt:

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The first fierce post goes to…

Urszula Radwanska!

I think I only say fierce because Ula is such a lovely thing to look at. Because we could easily replace “fierce” by “fail” “non-fierce”. Honestly, bb!Radwanska, partying with random girly blond guys sounds like such a Jankovic thing to do. We expected greater things from you little bit, look at your sister, she’s a prime example of awesome. You should ashamed. Tsc tsc.

And I kind of feel bad for Aga. It must suck when your 17-year-old little sister is infinite times hotter than you. You can always say you are cooler and you managed to make Sharapova fans hate you until this day. There are better things in life than being easy on the eyes. One of them is having bandwagoners and haters.

April 21, 2009 at 11:01 pm 3 comments

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