“Gay as a tennis player” is a recurring joke, I’m telling ya

July 9, 2009 at 12:53 am 1 comment


I swear to goodness, tennis must be the only thing on earth that makes me run out on jokes. I seriously can not come up with anything wittier than “OH LOL YOU HOMOS” after looking at those pictures. I’ll leave the funny to movies then, eh? And isn’t tennis + fashion + pop culture a cool mix? I BELIEVE SO, yes.

Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with the post (unless you want to make a gay joke regarding how Caro sits and the fact she really likes ABBA) but…


This picture? That’s a freakin’ creepy smile going on there. I can almost see her going in her head “MWAHAHAHA *evil laugh*”. Geez. I bet she’s coming up with an evil plan how she’s going to moonball Kiri to death tomorrow. Also, glittery purple nail polish? What is she? A Scandinavian drag queen? For fuck’s sake, Caro. You’re lucky I love you sometimes. Or not — depends how you look at it, actually.


Entry filed under: caro the danish cutie, gael monfils, gillou, gise dulko, kiri is 2 hot 4 u, sorana banana.

Wednesday Eyecandy Feel good picture of the day

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  • 1. darklucia  |  July 9, 2009 at 1:37 am

    Caro needs to take nail-polish lessons from Sorana.


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