Lena-Serena — no witty titles

July 2, 2009 at 9:07 pm 2 comments


I wasn’t going to post. I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say and I thought writing about the match would be a little too painful for me. You see, next year, it will be ten years I’ve been a fan of Elena Dementieva. Which is perfectly common between her fans — we’re loyal as fuck lunatics. That’s just how we roll, duuude. So seeing my Lena so close (match point close) of winning such an epic match (longest ladies semis at Wimby ever) to make the Wimbledon finals… kinda breaks my heart. But I’ll he honest, before the match, I had very low expectations for Lena. I thought it would be two easy for Serena. Seeing her take that first set left me on my feet, screaming at the TV. It was three hours of pure emotion: there was excitement, happiness, pride, tears, sweat, disappointment — all watching a tennis match.

Well, I think only by playing these kind of matches you can improve, you know, because this is the players that I want to beat, to win a Grand Slam.

I’m proud of her, I really am. I felt like chatting up a random stranger today and saying “My girl is a fighter, innit?” or something of that kind. I think this match is not a victory for tennis only, but a victory for women’s tennis. I’m tired as hell of listening how women’s tennis has no depth, how women don’t deserve equal pay and about “the number one position”. I don’t know from where people got the idea that one to three people dominating the sport is what it’s good. I like women’s tennis how it is, tyvm. You have a lot of youngsters coming up challenging the experienced players. You have drama. And after all, you have some amazing tennis — like this one. People just like to criticize the WTA, I think that is the problem. All the girls are either brainless ballbashers (like Dina) or moonballers (like Caro). These people can go watch Karlovic-Roddick on grass for all I care.

And I think if you play very aggressive, if you play ‑‑ you know, believe in your heart you can do it, because today was a very close match.

The match was a thriller. It was a thriller for people that don’t even watch the sport. Even ESPN is replaying the match at 8:00 PM EDT. The first time a tennis match is being replayed on ESPN and not on ESPN Classic. I think, in the end, in INSTANT CLASSICS like this one, you need to give two steps back from being a tennis fan. Forget who you’re cheering for, enjoy the sport. It will give you a smaller heartbreak, I promise. And in the final? I’ll be cheering for Serena. Even though that will probably make Dina look like an even bigger incompetent at this point. *sigh*

So this is the real game, and this is what I like about tennis. So to play against best players in the world, this is what makes it so interesting for me.

To fighters. And to learning how to serve.

(quotes from Lena’s presser)


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  • 1. Maya  |  July 2, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    It was an amazing match – I pretty much felt the same you do about it, it almost exceeded all of my wildest expectations, but it was heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. I’m proud of Elena, too, though, I just wish she was the sort of player Serena is – able to contain her nerves at those critical MP’s, but that’s not the Lena I know. At least I saw a diferent Lena than the one choking at the Roland Garros final many years ago; at least I saw her box packed with more staff than I can remember that can keep her at this. I hope to next see her play amazingly at the US Open, win some titles in between, and I hope this is the confidence that she has always needed to take out the top players, like all us fans know she’s capable of.

    Haven’t seen the presser, thank you for the link.

  • 2. Daryl  |  July 3, 2009 at 10:10 am

    It was heart breaking to see Dementieva lose the match. I’m a fan of hers as well and in certain periods of the match i really thought she could seal it but it just was not to be.


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