Gise knows it best

June 24, 2009 at 11:11 pm Leave a comment

Bits from Gise‘s post-match interview after defeating Sharapova. 09

Q. Maria had a distinctive new jacket, military style jacket. What do you think of that? What do you think of Maria’s fashion generally?

GISELA DULKO: I think it’s very pretty.

Agreed. I want one. Much better than last year’s GHEY AWARDS WINNER, “the tuxedo”.

Q. Maria has a lot of fans, not just because she’s a great tennis player, but because she’s very attractive and she does a lot of modeling. A few people have noticed you’re not so bad looking yourself. How do you feel about being a pin up?

GISELA DULKO: Thank you.

Why yes, Gise, you’re not so terrible to look at. Wouldn’t even kick you off my bed myself. Are you flattered?

Q. Would that be welcome attention, queen of SW19? Would that be welcome, that attention? Our publication is making you the new pin up of Wimbledon. Would that be a welcome attention for you?

GISELA DULKO: Yeah, it’s always nice. I always said, I’m not only a tennis player, I’m a woman. I didn’t understand the question very well. Sorry, my English is not very good.

LOL. I read that with Britney’s “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” playing in my head. Yes, my brain works in mysterious ways. And what is with those illiterate interviewers? How many time can one say “welcome” and “attention” in less than 30 seconds? Fuckin’ hell.

Q. Do you have a boyfriend?

GISELA DULKO: We talking about tennis here. Not personal, no. I’m not gonna talk about that.*

*TRANSLATION: I forgot who I’m dating at the moment. Gonzalez? Robredo? Calleri? Verdasco? Idk, It’s some dude.


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