First Roland Garros post

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Well, I actually arrived at Rio on Tuesday but believe it or not, there are moments in my life I have to focus on university and such. I know, unbelievable. I haven’t had time to post anywhere but Twitter (mainly because it’s an addict) so I’m apologizing in advance. As a bitter Rafa fan, instead of watching the semifinals at this very moment, I’ll post here and then bury myself in my new Skins DVDs. You need to have priorities in life.


Why will I start the RG talk on a random first round doubles match when even the Women’s Finals are already decided? Because a) they’re pretty as fuck, b) Kiri doubles is the way I chose to heal from the fact she lost to a girl who probably hasn’t even reach puberty yet and c) I already uploaded those pics on my Flickr account.

And something very important needs to be mentioned: Kuddos to Sorana Cirstea. You know you’re adorable when you catch my attention when Kiri and Caro are right in front of me. Congrats, Sorana Banana. Her English has one of the most adorable accents I’ve ever heard and, dude, I fancy accents, I know about them. Every time she said “You go!”, ” I got!” and “Wait!” I’d awwwn out loud. Specially because she said everything twice so it was “You go you go!” and “Wait wait!”.

This begs for a poll of adorableness:

+ Kiri interview & Sori interview.

Sorana also said the cuuuteeeest “thank you” with a little shy smile when I wished her good luck in singles. My good luck wish was totally working… until I left the country and she lost to Sam Stosur. I’m truly sorry about my jinxing, folks. I really RUINED the tournament. Even a friend of mine said she’ll start calling me “Jinxy” from now on. Frakkin’ ho. I’ll go to the USO next year and jinx Federer. (But knowing me, I’ll probably make Rafa lose on the first round or something.)

Anywaaaaay. Overall, the Kirinetta/QT BFFs match was really entertaining because all four girls are fast. There were amazing points with long rallies and loltastic Frescobol net plays. I sat behind Caro and Sorana’s chairs which was not such a good idea. Caro kept staring at me so I started to feel bad about shoving my camera on her face. Bad bad journalist, I know. But… it’s just doubles. I don’t want to be not even the tiniest bother when she’s playing with her best friend.

My heart was broken into pieces in the match when Caro had an injury timeout. If I was religious, I’d be praying for DC’s back to be ok. I don’t want to think about having my 18-year-old moonballer taken away from me so early. Take care, bb. And pls stop playing so much? Just look at JJ.

Who do you guys want any reports on?


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Written on Friday, posted today Lena can’t win matches but she can predict the future (equally as good?)

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