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I don’t know at which point of my life as a tennis fan, I stopped being a three-stripes girl and started being a Nike girl. The only thing I know is that all the time I was trashing Yonex — nothing new here. It’s not just that Adidas tennis outfits got worse (ignoring the Stella McCartney line, of course)… but they did. Remember the one-long-sleeve shirt that Martina Hingis wore at one time when she won the Aussie Open? Or Anna K.‘ white belt with blue shorts? These were the days. Nike also got better, they started having brighter outfits and different collections to fit everyone’s taste. This probably explains why I’m now ogling and longing their new collection so bad. So much pretty. Want.


That cover-up top just wins at life. Lime Green? Yes. Pink stripes? Yes plz. And I don’t think I even have to comment on the shoes. I’ve been in love with them ever since I saw Vika Azarenka wearing them, it was love at first sight. So much colours, so little time.

And on the Men’s side, the fashion keeps on going hard. Rafa‘s this year’s collection has been nothing but great. The Lime Green/Light Blue shorts he had at the Aussie Open were gorgeous. Every time I looked at him I would have Gwen Stefani‘s Bubble Pop Electric on my head. That’s a good sign btw.


Yellow/Orange/Pink have always been my favourite colours for the clay season, so I’m really really hoping he wears this shiny pink polo. Even if just for practicing, it’s a beautiful shirt. The shoes? Gor-geous. I love the bull. I only hope that it doesn’t become Rafa’s version of Federer‘s RF. We all know how they like to milk it. Evil corporation of doom, why do you create such pretty things that I must own?


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