Breaking all the girls’ (and boys’) hearts

April 22, 2009 at 12:53 pm Leave a comment


I wonder if it’s possible for a tennis player to have an off-court clothing sponsor. We’re all familiar with Sharapova‘s Canon, Colgate, etc. And all the various tennis players (Sharapova, Ivanovic, Federer, Henin, to name a few) with Rolex contracts. But isn’t it odd that Rafa wore two Tommy Hilfiger shirts in the same tournament? Maybe he just likes nice polos and is sad he can’t wear Lacoste‘s. Either way, to the boy that used to wear sleveless’ and pirate pants, he sure as hell looks nice in classic tennis apparel.

The book he has in the second picture is “Play, set and game” (Juego, set y partido) inspired by his life and written by Jordi Sierra i Fabra. It can be bought here at Casa Del Libro.


This picture at Barcelona serves no real purpose to the Wonderful World of Tennis but it deserved to be posted. Not because of the blatantly obvious homoerotic context, Rafa‘s muscles abilities or his famuz azz. But because the dude is so obviously staring and licking his lips at the same time. Which really, I’m sure even some tennis fangirls (not me) would be able to be more discreet.


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“Awwwnnn” doesn’t quite cover it Just do it

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