“Awwwnnn” doesn’t quite cover it

April 22, 2009 at 1:17 am 1 comment


Lena lost today 7-5 6-4 to Caro in an exhibition in Denmark. Which was all very shocking since the tickets only started selling yesterday. Spontaneous Exo — whatever floats Lena’s boat. As a fan of hers since Sydney 2000, I should be slightly frustrated that she’s now being owned by a 18-year-old kid. But I’m not because her owner is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and I heart her tennis muchly.

I’m slightly amused by their relationship though. They seem to be incredibly cordial, even, gasp!, friendly. I realized this after last year’s Luxembourg final. They were giggly after the match that Lena had won in the third set saving match points. Very nice thing to see. Odd, specially considering the age gap and that they’re both from different nationalities: Lena is the-always-patriotic Russian and Caro is a Dane from a Polish family. That’s not very common in the Women’s circuit.

But what is even more amusing is the Danish press: Cover of Sporten.dk? Caroline is a master. Cover of Dr.dk/sporten? The adorableness. I love how proud they are of her. Caro is already the best Danish player in history and she’s very close to making the Top 10. I’m excited to see what the headlines will be when she finnaly makes it (no jinxing!).


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