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LOL… wut.

I was all ready to come here and post about today’s finals — I even had the pic ready. I watched both Delpo‘s and Flavia‘s, so I was prepared to make some insightful comment about the tennis and how it was hilarious to see Delpo going all “wheee” to Roddick’s face. I mean, it’s not the dude’s fault. Roddick challenged the championship point winner and went to the net. When the call remained, they were facing each other. Delpo celebrated. It made me laugh. I was also going to talk about how Sam is an idiot, really. But I’ll skip that and congratulate Flavia. But before I came here to post, I took a quick look at my feeds and realized that there are other absurd, ridiculous stuff happening on the sport that are more worth mentioning than those stuff.

Such as, when Tennis Forum comes up with cracktastic threads like Lesbians Are The Biggest Chokers On Tour. LOL wut. Examples? Momo, Kuz, Sharapova. Since we’re at it, didn’t Sam lose a match against Serena this year in Australia having match points? Or was it last year? Whatever, it happened. And does this means maybe Kiri is a lesbian? Or Lena? I don’t think that theory makes sense.

And onto more stuff that makes me “LOLWUT”, why oh why is Rafa playing doubles in Montréal with his 40-year-old coach? Am I the only one that finds that disrespectful to the tournament and to the other players? I love the boy to death but this might be taking the whole “tournament as practice” a little too far. There were probably other players, maybe even doubles specialists, that wanted in. But again, the organizers probably don’t care. They just want to sell tickets… even if it’s tickets for a fancy practice session.

Amusing pissed!Federer for some more “LOL… WHAT”.


And when Rafa does it, it’s ~*magic*~:


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This might as well become a pictures blog

Sorana Banana took out Aga Radwanska today with a 7-6(4) 1-6 7-5. Not even taking in consideration Banana is unseeded, she won one game total in her last two matches against Aga combined. One. So, yes, I’d call that result an upset. Aga was serving for the match at 5-4, while Sorana was crying with her head down as Adidas coach Sven calmed her down. I was already in a midst of screaming “YES!!!! AGA!!!!” and “Poor Sori :(” when shebroke Aga’s serve. Caro was watching the tight match from the sidelines, looking as cute as ever — nervously biting her fingernails. Oy. Now this makes eight quarterfinals so far this year for Aga. Eight quarterfinals and no semis. I’d say someone has a problem.

Her opponents reactions regarding her recent wins, you ask?105Not so good, no.

What about Sorana?103Happy times.

Oh Sorana, you think you can come here and sway me with your smile only?




Fine, gurl. Good luck in the semis. I’ll be cheering for you. Idk why the players think they can make me forget the WOES they bring me so fast.


No, Vika, I will not forget all the FAIL that was losing second round to an off-form Sharapova.


FINE, FINE. Kick ass in Cincy then, will you?

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Rafa! With a racquet! REJOICE.

I don’t care if I should be focusing on the rest of the LA tourney, I’m still mourning Vika/Lena V./Caro/Kiri. Why would someone take all of them from me in the same day? Why, tennis gods? What did I do? I can’t believe Bepa is still alive though. That makes me happy. And the Rads (BB ULA!!!!). So yeah, I’ll focus on that later. For now, let’s focus on the real happy times, yah? My boy in Montreal!


Considering how much I’ve missed this boy, I think I can safely perv over his arms. Because, omg, look at those.

101And he’s still looking adorable as ever. Awwwwnn. *grins*


Look! There’s his smile. Happyhappyhappy! 😀

This was probably pointess if don’t love Rafa. And if you don’t love him… dear goodness, what is wrong with you?

ETA: Ohemgee, this was my


here! I say this is a celebration post. Feel free to spam the comments! Gifs, baby animals pictures, sexy players, come on!

Or you know, comment with links. Because WordPress sucks and you can’t attach pictures. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? Ugh.

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The Danish Cutie update

As Vika and Sharapova battle out on LA, I post here. Why? Because there’s no frakkin’ stream. WOES doesn’t quite cover it. So, instead, I’m going to do a ¡CARO UPDATE! post. I don’t know if it’s because I’m truly biased and love the kid to death or because she really brings the lolz.

The following are pictures of Caro on the evening of her 19th birthday. After losing the Båstad final, she went to Copenhagen to celebrate, truly in style, at a Britney Spears concert.


According to the source, not only was there, but also the Radwanskas (link to pic of Happy!Caro hugging Happy!Aga). Rest of the pictures are here.

Can I just comment on Caro’s purse for a a second here? That’s either fake or the ugliest piece of clothing Karl Lagerfeld has ever designed. Seriously, what is that? It always baffles me how people with much money can dress so poorly. I will present someone with a cookie if they can find the collection that monstrosity belongs to. And if Caro wanted some over the top Chanel bag, this is what she should have bought. SILLY GIRL. Where’s Vika to teach you these things?

But you know, whatever whatever. At least bitch is wurkin’ her purple nail polish. Onto the rest of the “LOL Caro, what ya doin’?”:


Caro practicing in LA. Clothes are so obviously overrated. And last, but not least, Caro meets David Beckham.

P.S. Vika, YOU IDIOT. I don’t need to watch the match to know you played like a moron. The number of Sharapova’s double faults already tells me that.

August 6, 2009 at 1:53 am 7 comments

Headbands of WIN


I’m sort of excited for this. To be honest, I don’t expect much from Sharapova. I think the only chance she has in this is if Vika is rusty — this is her first match since Wimbledon. So an exciting match isn’t exactly the reason I’m looking forward to it.

Everyone has been comparing Vika to Sharapova left and right since her breakthrough at the Australian hardcourt season this year. Not only comparing the grunt but even the playing style, good looks, the lasso forehand, personality, attitude and all. Frankly, I think this isn’t even because I am not a Sharapova fan, but it bothers me. Ok, both shriek and both have forehands that hurt my eyes. But personality wise? Even though Vika is normally (sort of) a bitch on court, she has proven to be a sweetheart in interviews and very much liked by the other players. I think Vika will go on court desiring to not only win but also kick Maria’s ass — in the most sportive way, I’m sure. I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to watch that. Kill mode!Vika? Yes, pls. And we all know that if Sharapova’s going down… she’s going to go down fighting. So cheers to that.

The other reason (most important one) I’m excited for this is that Vika might wear a headband. I hope she does, I have a theory she even showers with that thing. So if she does indeed wear it, we’ll have a BATTLE OF HEADBANDS. This leads to, omg, poll time.

I don’t know about you guys, but I laughed at the ridiculous Butterfly poll theme.

P.S. Tomorrow’s OOP is out. It’s the first match of the night session. TV coverage starts on Friday. Explain to me again who are these idiots that run big tournaments without streams? Do they not understand tennis fans would love to watch Azarenka-Sharapova and WozniackiCirstea? Idiots, bloody idiots.

August 4, 2009 at 10:40 pm 4 comments

Look, u guise

96It’s my own personal version of sunshine!

Gorgeous pics of Rafa at Nadal News to accompany this Marca interview. This just makes me miss him even more. Sigh. I’m a sad Rafa fangirl these past few days. I want my dear boy back.

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